Announcing the Joan Crawford: Queen of the Silver Screen Blogathon


I had always been interested in pop culture while growing up; loving television shows like Entertainment Tonight and completing People crossword puzzles in my spare time. Not being much of a bookworm other than for academic purposes, I did not discover the joy of celebrity biographies and autobiographies until I was in my late teens. It was fun learning about these people in more complete detail as well as soaking up the sometimes very salacious bits of gossip that were spilled.

The first classic star who made a profound impact on me was Joan Crawford and I ended up scouring the internet for information about her in addition to buying any books that were available. I was in awe of this beautiful, talented woman who fought hard to remove herself from an upbringing of destitution and neglect in order to fulfill her dream of being an actress. Perhaps not coincidentally, she often played characters whose own lives resembled her own. Though this formula of “girl from the wrong side of the tracks finds a better life” was recycled in various films, it never got old seeing her in these types of roles. Joan is the epitome of a strong woman: driven, focused, professional yet also loving and down-to-earth. She was the hardest working actress of her time.

It is my distinct privilege to co-host the Queen of the Silver Screen Blogathon with my dear friend Gabriela (Pale Writer), another classic film lover who adores “Billie” as much as I do. This year will mark the 42nd anniversary of Joan’s passing on 10 May 1977 and is a moment when we can come together to remember and celebrate her legacy.

DANCING LADY, Fred Astaire, Joan Crawford on the set, 1933

The Rules:

  1. Joan had a very long career and so her filmography is very impressive. Because of this, we will be allowing only two duplicates per entry, and three posts per participant. Please only submit new work, as we won’t be accepting any posts written previously.
  2. You can write about anything you like pertaining to Joan’s film career, television appearances she made, books she wrote and her friendships and relationships with her fellow classic film stars etc.
  3. Gabriela and I will not be allowing any entries about the book, Mommie Dearest, written by her adoptive daughter Christina, nor any posts about the film based on the book starring Faye Dunaway. This blogathon is dedicated to Joan’s life and work and we want to celebrate her, so let’s please keep things nice and not write anything derogatory or defamatory about her.
  4. Just to reiterate: the blogathon is being held on the 10th, 11th and 12th of May, 2019. Please submit your entries either before or by that date. If you find that you need a little extension, please let Gabriela or I know.
  5. Please take one of the banners and put it somewhere on your site to promote the blogathon. We’d also very much appreciate it if you included one of the banners in your post for the blogathon.
  6. And most importantly, please let Gabriela and I know what you would like to write about for the blogathon, by either commenting on this post or Gabriela’s post announcing the event, or by contacting me or Gabriela on Twitter @ThePoppity or @noir_or_never respectively. Please include the name of your blog and a link to it, as we don’t really want to act as amateur sleuths and hunt for you! Please tell us your Twitter handle as well so we can promote everything on there. If you don’t have a blog, that’s totally fine, just send your entry onto one of us and we’ll post it for you.
  7. Please check the participation list below to see what everyone else is covering and which subjects have been claimed twice.

We very much hope that you will join us and that you will enjoy writing all about our wonderful Joan!


Participation List:

The Poppity: Spring Fever; Featurette on MGM costume designer Adrian and his professional relationship with Joan & ALAÏA exhibition

Pale Writer: Joan’s Four Essential Later Performances; The Perfect Double Bill: The Unknown and Berserk!

Maddy Loves Her Classic Films: Sudden Fear

Musings of A Classic Film Addict: Johnny Guitar

Dubsism: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Overture Books and Film: Goodbye, My Fancy

Caftan Woman: Grand Hotel

Realweegiemidget Reviews: The Karate Killers

The Midnite Drive-In: “Eyes” from The Night Gallery tv series

The Stop Button: Rain

Francesca: Sadie McKee

GwendaY: Joan and Clarence Brown’s collaborations

Silver Screenings: Daisy Kenyon

Musings of a Noir Dame: Mildred Pierce

The Old Hollywood Garden: Humoresque

Critica Retro: A Woman’s Face

Marsha Collock: Our Dancing Daughters

The Flapper Dame: Strait Jacket

Screen Dreams: Becoming Joan Crawford – from Kansas to Hollywood

Janet, Stars & Letters: Correspondance from Joan

The Story Enthusiast: They All Kissed the Bride

Silver Screen Classics: Possessed (1931)

Diary of a Movie Maniac: The Best of Everything

Karen: Mildred Pierce

The Banners

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40 thoughts on “Announcing the Joan Crawford: Queen of the Silver Screen Blogathon

    1. Ah, thanks, Veebs! 👍 Both the book and the film are just awful. I’ve listened to many an interview from Christina, as I did for Bette’s daughter B.D., and I’m just not convinced of anything except that they seem to be out for malicious reasons.
      Now is a time to celebrate the one and only Joan. 😁


      1. If I’m remembering correctly, Myrna Loy talked about Mommie Dearest in her autobiography (“Being and Becoming”). Loy vehemently stood up for Joan and basically put Cristina to shame. And that’s not the only instance of a star defending Joan that I’ve come across. It seems that Joan was friendly with most of the people she worked with and everyone liked her.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are absolutely right. Myrna staunchly stood up for Joan, her friend since the days of silent film. Others did as well, calling out Christina’s false accusations and exaggerations. Some people were put off by Joan’s strict cleanliness and way of life but that’s no reason to label her a monster. She worked hard to attain her status and desperately wanted to maintain it, perhaps out of the fear of ever reverting back to how her early life had been. She was A genuinely nice person who was very professional and who never forgot her fans. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem whatsoever! 😊 I think your article will be very interesting “as is” and I, for one, look forward to knowing more about Alfred. Most importantly, enjoy your holiday! 😎


  1. Ooh, I’d love to write about ‘becoming Joan Crawford’ – how she transformed from smalltown Kansas gal Lucille LeSueur to megastar Joan Crawford, if that’s okay? 🙂

    I’m at

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Paul! I’m sorry about that. Sure, it’s no problem at all and I’ll put you down for it right away. No worries about it being a possible duplicate entry, either. Sometimes WP can act a bit fishy. 🐠😄

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Erica, I’m afraid I’ll have to post my entry a bit late. It’s been very busy and I’ll be traveling all next week. I’m about three quarters done with my entry and was hoping I could post before I leave, but no. Sorry about that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s perfectly fine and understandable, Margot! You submit it whenever you can and we will be happy to include it with the rest of the posts. 😊 Best of luck for a busy week!


  3. Hey Erica. I just thought that I would let you know that I’m expecting my post to be late. I’ve only basically just got back from a cruise vacation and Hawaii a few days ago, so I’m just getting back to normality now. Also, I’m writing a personal tribute to Joan instead of writing about her marriage to Alfred Steele. I wanted to write about her and Al, but I’m not going to have the time. I hope that’s okay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Crystal! No worries whatsoever! We will be delighted to have your contribution whenever you are ready to publish it. Your vacation sounds wonderful and I hope you had a great time! 🙂
      I will update your topic of choice right now. It’s a great idea to write a personal tribute!


      1. I hope you’ll be feeling better soon! Getting colds in the Spring/Summer is definitely a drag.
        Thank you for your dedication and I’ll say not to worry though I, too, like to be on time. Sometimes there is just no way around being a little late. I think the most important thing is that you still aim to finish it which counts a lot on a personal level. 🙂


      2. I’m sorry to hear that you were so sick for such an extended period. You really shouldn’t worry about the article because your health comes above all else. Perhaps we shall hold this event again in the future, at which point you could write it then. I do understand about your personal disappointment as I set awfully high standards for myself sometimes. 🙂


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