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Poppity Talks Classic Film

Happily Stuck in a Black & White and Technicolor Timewarp

About Me

Hello! Thank for you stopping by my little Classic Film corner.

My name is Erica, aka The Poppity which I use as my pen name. I was born & raised in the United States and have lived in France now for nearly 20 years. In everyday life, I’m a wife and busy stay-at-home mom of four children (two boys, two girls). Our family is heavily impacted by the autisms and epilepsy of my older daughter and younger son but we face each day with as much courage as we can muster.

Although I have loved the movies since childhood, they have gradually become a vital part of my daily routine and well-being. The pictures are not simply an escape from difficult moments; they also allow me to revisit the past and to relive certain moments & traditions from those times. Having attained a Master’s Degree in International Management, I’m not exactly a writer either by trade or by nature. Nonetheless, I happily publish and participate in blogathons when I get the opportunity.

Why the pen name “Poppity”?

Well, I started exchanging about classic movies and other subjects on a forum circa 2015. I had no idea what kind of username to choose so I just put the first thing that came to my mind. It happened to be the song “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” from Disney’s animated Cinderella (1950). After a slight alteration, I offically became PoppityPop which I later shortened to just Poppity.

A few years later, I was recruited to start writing for a now-defunct movie & pop culture community called Film Exodus. My domain was in the classics, of course! Unfortunately most of the readers visiting Film Exodus had little knowledge and/or interest in older films so I started reaching out to other classic film bloggers. It is thanks to the support and encouragement of two people that this blog exists today. The first is Kim Luperi whose blog I See A Dark Theater gave me much refuge and comfort when I started out on this journey. The second is English rose Maddy who believed that I had the writing skills it took to have my own blog. She is one of the finest, most profound writers of classic film around. I will always be grateful to the both of them, as I am thankful to all of the wonderful people I meet who share the passion of the silver screen.

You can write to me here or you can catch me on Twitter. My handle is: @ThePoppity

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